We design and launch experiences that accelerate digital transformations.

Who we are

flōswitch was formed by a team of specialists with decades of software architecture, data, engineering, product, creative marketing, and operations experience.

Not satisfied with the typical pace of bringing products to market, we've harnessed strategy and exceptional talent with proven processes to accelerate growth.

What we do

We specialize in the delivery of powerful and scalable end-to-end technology solutions with frictionless integration and flawless execution.


  • Digital product
  • Digital transformation
  • Systems optimization
  • Infrastructure
  • Software roadmap development
  • Marketing
  • Cost forecast, budgeting and cost optimization
  • Cloud first
  • Commercial
  • Communications (email, SMS, print)

Marketing & Design

  • Brand & Creative
  • Conversion Improvement
  • Regulatory Requirement Assurance
  • Content design
  • Interaction & UX
  • Art direction
  • Information architecture
  • Information
  • Communications
  • SEO / SEM & Analytics

Infrastructure Design

  • Data Center
  • Cloud & Hybrid
  • Backbone and enterprise WAN/LAN
  • Cloud contact centre
  • IVR and CRM integrations
  • CRM selection, design and creation
  • BOT automation with AI inclusion
  • Robotics process & automation (RPA)

Contact Center & Unified Comms

  • Agnostic IVR
  • Agnostic ChatBot
  • CCaaS – Contact centre as a service
  • UCaas Unified communication as a service

DEV & Cyber Services

  • Mobile testing & quality assurance
  • SIEM (Security information and event management) solutions
  • Security, surveillance and endpoint detection
  • Cyber assessments and threat protection systems
  • PEN and vulnerability assessments
  • Dark Web Monitoring and Brand Protection
  • Certification / Accreditation

Professional Services

  • Complex systems integrations
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Platform selection / RFI-RFP Process
  • Voice platform displacement / consolidation (Call Centre & Enterprise Voice)
  • IVR consulting
  • Operating model deep-dive
  • Digital journey / transformation
  • Development engagements
  • Outsourced IT support


  • Virtual CEO
  • Virtual CTO
  • Virtual CIO
  • Virtual CISO
  • Virtual CMO
  • Virtual COO

Augmentation Services

  • Development Team Augmentation
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Creative Team Augmentation
  • Augmented Project Services


  • Complex engineering
  • Backlog support
  • Infrastructure integrations
  • Digital product automation
  • Robotics (RPA)
  • Digital BOTs
  • Payment system integrations
  • Voice integrations & analytics
  • Full stack mobile development
  • DevOps architecture

How we do it

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Our experts review your existing business processes, agreements and platforms and provide plans to transform cost base and business performance.

Design & Deliver

We propose impactful changes to technology platforms and processes which will drive efficiencies, enhance performance, and transform business operations.

Migrate & Maintain

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Improve & Evolve

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Our technology strategy and solutions have made significant and permanent positive financial impact.

Increase in Direct Debit Setup conversion during onboarding
We proposed and deployed improvements to application process, reducing first payment misses by 18%.
Savings per year (USD) from an overhaul to collections strategy
We introduced SMS-based collections communications, including the ability to make payments via chat.
Increase in revenue (USD) following lending application improvements
We analyzed, proposed, and built improvements across the full customer journey, from acquisition to signature.
Reduction in technical points of presence
We implemented modern telephony interconnect methods, high speed networks, and migrated to a fully integrated VoIP implementation.
Increase in number of customers accepted to receive a credit card
We performed extensive customer data analysis, proposed UX/UI improvements, and then delivered them.
Annual savings (USD) from rationalization efforts
We consolidated a legacy global enterprise infrastructure into super centres with enriched modernised computing and telephony services.


Although we work within many industries and verticals, we are deep specialists with a proven track record of successes in fintech, retail, and PE.

Financial services

We've provided the innovative strategic thinking and execution for disruptive lending and credit card products. From acquisition and origination to servicing, collections and cross-selling, we've designed solutions that reduce impairment, optimize and automate collection communications, and integrate with multiple credit bureaus for realtime decisioning throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

We've operated and managed the technology infrastructure for global call centers handling over 500 million calls per year, and have integrated with the major telephony platforms at scale. We've also launched and lead consumer financial services businesses in the UK and have worked with the leading high street banks and building societies. 

Private Equity

We've supported PE acquisitions, ongoing operations and divestitures across operations and technology. With a focus on identifying and driving synergies, we have realized significant savings in operating costs while ensuring material dependencies do not exist between portfolio companies. We understand your short and long-term vision to ensure identified efficiencies are realized while mitigating risks.



Retail & Ecommerce

Public Sector

Non-Profit Sector

We take on the complex projects. The ones where legacy systems need modernization without disrupting your business. Or the ones that have gone off the rails and need back on track quickly.

Leadership team

Glenn Haddock
Chief Executive Officer

Glenn is a Technology and Operations executive experienced in building high-performing teams, delivering products and innovations across several sectors in Private Equity and privately owned businesses. He has a renowned ability to identify significant innovation and optimization opportunities to improve business performance while successfully developing exceptional organizational cultures.

David Koetke
Chief Marketing Officer

David is a seasoned Creative Marketing executive with a proven record of commercial successes in highly regulated environments within globally recognized fintech and retail brands. His ability to exceed business objectives through data-driven, user-centric design and customer orientated marketing strategies and communications has led to significant business impact to organizations in both the US and the UK.

Stuart Knight

Stuart is a Technology Executive with over 25 years of experience driving change through innovative tactical and strategic initiatives aligned with business goals and objectives. A dynamic and focused leader who has driven teams to build and support successful brands within varying sectors, from inception through to launch, and onwards to operational excellence. A highly motivated senior executive that thrives on challenge, high paced environments and leading teams through delivery patterns that demand flawless execution. One that is comfortable bridging the gap between technical disciplines and C-Level executives, allowing enriched dialogue to ensure alignment and realisation of business priorities. Equipped to manage global program delivery while maintaining high-quality execution through rigour and structured change, along with driving process improvements, bottom-line gains, and competitive advantage.

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