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What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?

A Digital Transformation Strategy is an overall plan which consists of objectives, plans, organizational structure, governance, projects and tactics for using technology to achieve desired outcomes.

A successful Digital Transformation Strategy should define specific technologies, identify organizational structure, project responsibilities for implementing these technologies, and how the technologies will be managed for the specified outcomes.

Why do I need one?

Executives are primarily focused on four things: increasing sales, reducing expenses, optimizing assets and mitigating risks.

Technology is evolving faster than ever and companies that do not begin a digital transformation journey will be left behind and become obsolete due to higher operating costs and non-performant technology as compared to their competitors. We’re here to help our customers ensure they are not left behind, with a steady hand on the rudder and respecting the risks involved with change.

Number of enterprise decision-makers say they have a time frame of two years to make significant inroads into digital transformation or they will suffer financially and fall behind their competitors.

(source: Forbes)

Number of companies that have a clear understanding of new and underperforming digital touchpoints – this means 75% do not.

(source: Altimeter Group)

Where to start

While a digital transformation journey sounds ominous and like a massive undertaking (which it is in most cases), it needs to be attacked with an agile approach. The first step is understanding the technology that exists and where there are opportunities to achieve current business functions more effectively and at a lower price point while moving the organization towards a longer term strategy.

How we can help

We work with your team to understand how outcomes can be achieved and how technology can assist leaders on their journey.

We understand your priorities across your areas of focus then evaluate actions to influence desired outcomes.

We help establish measurements to evaluate performance of the transformation effort and identify behavioral changes required to positively influence these measurements.

We look beyond technology and understand your business—its relationship with customers & suppliers, regulatory landscape, supply chain and marketplace.

We provide access to top-tier interim or on demand executives that have successfully completed digital transformations for organizations across the globe.

When properly done, Digital Transformation will offer
automation, insight and transparency across the enterprise and out into the market.


Our technology strategy and solutions have made significant and permanent positive financial impact.

Increase in Direct Debit Setup conversion during onboarding
We proposed and deployed improvements to application process, reducing first payment misses by 18%.
Savings per year (USD) from an overhaul to collections strategy
We introduced SMS-based collections communications, including the ability to make payments via chat.
Increase in revenue (USD) following lending application improvements
We analyzed, proposed, and built improvements across the full customer journey, from acquisition to signature.
Reduction in technical points of presence
We implemented modern telephony interconnect methods, high speed networks, and migrated to a fully integrated VoIP implementation.
Increase in number of customers accepted to receive a credit card
We performed extensive customer data analysis, proposed UX/UI improvements, and then delivered them.
Annual savings (USD) from rationalization efforts
We consolidated a legacy global enterprise infrastructure into super centers with enriched modernized computing and telephony services.

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