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Why On Demand?

You can reduce costs and increase profits without sacrificing quality.

Access exceptional, proven executive talent.

flōswitch offers businesses a way to reduce costs and gain ready access to talent, while providing a competitive differentiator.

Our on demand executives are top-level professional leaders who apply their expertise on a project-based, part-time, or interim basis.

Percent of U.S. companies believe that they’ll be inclined to use more and more temporary arrangements at higher levels in the years ahead.

(source: McKinsey)

Percent of organizations reported using interim or on-demand executives, and this number is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

(source: Ernst & Young)


Our on demand executives have led critical functions at numerous large, publicly-traded companies and leading startups that have successfully scaled.

Strategy and Implementation

flōswitch partners provide the right blend of strategic thinking and experience-based knowledge.

In contrast, many consultants tend to exaggerate the size of their teams and focus more on concepts than full strategy and implementation.

On demand executives are “athletic” because they are able to go from conceptualizing a strategy to implementing it. They often work with very small teams and can implement programs for clients by themselves.

Access to Talent

The ability to access talent, experience and the capacity to complete critical tasks and functions is most desired. This is especially true in an environment where innovation moves rapidly and new platforms displace incumbents.

Leadership comfort with On Demand

Entrepreneurs, owners and executives who plan ahead will be able to get the right skills, experience and resources when they need them.

Companies conserve expertise and remain agile by using on-demand executives. This style of leadership is seen as a competitive advantage by 79% of executives, and nearly nine out of ten business leaders believe that contract professionals will be an important part of their future.

On Demand vs. In House

Having a dedicated in-house executive team has advantages, particularly for larger companies. However, startups with limited resources or transitioning companies may find leveraging on-demand executives to be more beneficial.

Don’t invest in G&A costs unless you are sure you can 1) deploy your product and 2) sell it. The on-demand delivers top talent without the cost and commitment of an executive hire.

When Does On Demand Make the Most Sense?

There are typically three different situations where outsourcing executive functions makes sense for companies.

High-Growth or High Stress situations

High-growth companies can become victims from their own success. When the need for talent, tech, facilities, and capital speed up, pressures may be put on the organization that need competent, professional and experienced expertise.

When a company reaches a certain level of experience that it doesn’t have the resources to maintain on-staff, outsourcing may be the perfect solution. On-demand executives who will work with your company for short periods of time each week or month are ideal for companies in this situation.

Periods of Transition

You may be experiencing significant management turnover, board and/or investor activity, a cratering sales quarter, seismic strategic shifts or M&A activity.

In high-risk or sensitive situations, a leader in one or more critical functions may be needed to help achieve an effective outcome within a timely and cost-effective manner.

The leader must have the ability to effectively execute on complex business objectives and strategies while maintaining a cohesive organization and customer base. They possess the critical skills necessary to separate politics from reality, as well as develop timelines with tangible goals.

Special projects

You may require advanced or specialized skills to address a very particular problem or opportunity. Some common projects that might require on-demand expertise include those involving digital transformation, financial models and budgets, revenue growth, and product / technology.

Best Practices


An executive with years of experience working in similar businesses can help bolster the management team, build credibility with board members and investors, and generally raise the level of professionalism at a company. Experience within your industry is beneficial for networking, as well as connecting with providers and other business partners.


The executive should be a natural leader and have the experience to seamlessly fit into a leadership role on a part-time basis.

Priorities & Planning

Be realistic about what goals and objectives can be achieved given existing time constraints and available resources. A few well-defined, strategic projects will be easier to manage than several tactical initiatives. Focusing on key objectives is essential.


Drive results in a project-based engagement. This includes outlining the objectives of the project, assigning specific tasks and responsibilities, calculating expected engagement duration, and measuring business outcomes.

Cultural Fit

It’s important to develop a relationship with the CEO and management team, but also make sure that you fit in well with the rest of the team as well. The executive should be inspiring, confident, and adaptable so that everyone can work together successfully.

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